Here I am. Immersed in moods, colors, wide open landscapes, states of mind. Solitude of our time, loneliness in the middle of urban crowds. These are some of the things, related to my existence, that I want to make audible in my music. No matter how hard I try to venture elsewhere, be something else, exist differently, there is always something that draws me back to myself, to my own personal experiencing and feeling self. This is something that I always carry within me, a tenacious scenery of thoughts, ideas and emotions. I try to make it sound. The outcome of the creative process often materializes as silent, floating and beatless music. Perhaps this spaciousness of musical texture and sound, as well as the strong contrasts between darkness and light in my music connote an aesthetic affiliation with Nordic countries or Northernness in general – both qualities that I personally embrace through my music.

Aki Yli-Salomäki (b. 1972) studied composition with Harri Vuori at the University of Helsinki. His music has been described as "deep northern" slow-listening music manifested by grand sonority and soaring melodic arcs. Yli-Salomäki`s music consists mainly of orchestral works and concertos, but smaller character pieces are an important part of his ouvre as well. His music has been performed in Europe, Russia, Mexico, India, United States and Asia.